Women For Refugee Women - 'Set Her Free' animation

See the film here

A collaborative project with James Cundill

This short animation, commissioned by charity Women For Refugee Women, tells the story of one woman, who suffers political persecution, imprisonment, rape, and torture in her home country, before fleeing to the UK on a false passport to claim asylum. She is escorted to Yarl’s Wood detention centre, where she is locked up.

The animation highlights the parallels between Yarl’s Wood and her previous imprisonment in her home country, and how detention forces her to relive her trauma. Please share, and help us end the detention of women who seek asylum in the UK. To find out more, visit www.refugeewomen.co.uk/campaign

Directed and illustrated by Priya Sundram
Animation by James Cundill
Sound design by Sarah Sarhandi and James Cundill
Voices by Adjoa Andoh and James Goode